impact of lead

What is the impact of lead on your children? (See graphic) 

Lead-Free Families is a community health initiative of Penn Medicine Lancaster General Health aimed at creating a strong pathway to eliminate childhood lead poisoning in Lancaster County.  It is the first comprehensive childhood lead poisoning prevention program in the United States to be initially funded entirely by a health system. LG Health has committed to investing $50 million over 10 years to identify and remediate lead health hazards in at least 2,800 homes across the county. In Columbia Borough, almost 75% of the homes were built before the 1978 ban on lead based paint.

  • The Lead-Free Families program offers the following services across Lancaster County:
    • Lead screening
    • In-home lead testing and remediation
    • Healthcare and social service support
    • Community education and outreach
    • Public policy advocacy and education

If your home here in Columbia Borough was constructed before 1978, you are invited to join the program. Click HERE to go to the Penn Medicine LGH website for more information and to register for this program.