Crowdfunding is a mechanism by which individuals or entities solicit donations online, via specifically- designed websites, for a particular purpose or cause.

Employee(s) and/or eligible organization(s) who wish to utilize crowdfunding for District purposes or programs are required to obtain permission for doing so by submitting a Crowdfunding request form, consistent with the requirements of this policy and administrative regulations to the Building Principal.

Without written approval by the District for a crowdfunding project, employee(s) of the District are prohibited from identifying, on a crowdfunding site, that they are an employee of the District, if such identification may lead a reader to infer that the employee's crowdfunding post is raising funds that will be utilized by or within the District or for a District program. Employee(s) may not utilize their District email address on a crowdfunding site unless they are participating in a District approved crowdfunding project.

Groups and/or organization(s) that have not been granted formal recognition by the Board may not be granted permission to engage in crowdfunding on behalf of the District.