Pupil Services

John Moslander, Director of Pupil Services


Lori Heydt, Special Education Coordinator

Betty-Sue Ryno, Administrative Assistant

The Pupil Services Department believes that children thrive in a positive, safe, and supportive environment.

Our Focus:

The Pupil Services Department of the Columbia Borough School District is dedicated to supporting all students' academic and socioemotional development, as well as assisting students with college and career planning. We are unified in holding all students to high expectations and supporting the maximization of their potential by serving the needs of our diverse populations and fostering an environment of respect and rapport. We are leaders and advocates for our students, our school, and our profession, and we will collaborate with all stakeholders - students, staff, parents, and community members – to ensure our students overcome obstacles and successfully achieve their goals with confidence, integrity, and respect.

Our leadership team works closely with building principals and staff to provide support and professional development in key areas, and to work on creating and improving processes to support students and families.

We also support the community of parents by addressing concerns and providing information on various topics within the realm of student support services.

 The following areas fall within the scope of Pupil Services:

  • Special Education

  • Health Services

  • Counseling

  • English Language Services

  • Families in Transition

  • Speech