Real Estate Tax FAQs

When are the Real Estate Tax bills mailed out?

Tax bills are mailed out July 1 every year. Contact the LCTCB Real Estate Tax Group if you have not received a bill by July 15.

When are my Real Estate Taxes Due?

2023 Due dates for payment in the full amount are:

Discount (-2%) 8/31

Base (Flat) 10/31

Penalty (+10%) 12/31

2023 Due dates for installments (1/3 payment each date):

1st installment 8/31

2nd installment 10/31

3rd installment 12/31

U.S. Postal Services postmark date will be considered as the date paid – no exceptions. Placing payment in the mailbox does not mean that it will be postmarked that day.

Who should I make my tax check payable to?

Checks should be payable to LCTCB Real Estate Tax Group and mail to PO Box 3900, Lancaster, PA 17604-3900.

Where can I pay my taxes in person?

Payments are accepted at the LCTCB RE Tax Office 1845 William Penn Way, Lancaster, PA 17601 and at any Fulton Bank location.

Can I pay my real estate tax by credit or debit card?


I have an escrow account with my mortgage company. Will my mortgage company receive the tax bill?

All taxes go directly to the homeowner. If serviced by a mortgage company, forward the bill to them immediately. Retain a copy for your records.

Who should I contact about incorrect information on my tax bill?

Errors on tax bills, such as address changes, should be reported to the Lancaster County Assessment Office at 717-299-8381.

What is the current millage rate?

The millage rate for 2023-2024 is 26.46 mills per $1,000 of assessed value.

I disagree with my assessment value. Who should I contact?

You would need to contact the Board of Assessment Appeals, Lancaster County Offices at 717-299-8381.

How do I get a receipt for the taxes I paid this year?

If paying by mail, please enclose a self-addressed, stamped envelope along with the entire tax notice and your payment.

If paying in person at the LCTCB RE Tax Office or Fulton Bank, request the attendant to stamp the top portion of your bill when making a payment.

My taxes are delinquent, what should I do?

If you owe prior year real estate taxes, contact the Lancaster County Tax Claim Bureau to find out the current amount due and payment arrangements – 717-299-8232.